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Spring is here!! We are currently taking bookings for the 2018 season! Be sure to contact us to get into the Queue!

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Serenity Ponds

      • Specialisation in complete Pond Service is hard to come by and that is how we stand above the rest, our fantastic customer service, knowledge and honesty will have you staying with us for year after year! We can help you cleaning, planning, building and maintaining your backyard Oasis and guide you with the most correct and up to date knowledge for ultimately saving you money and headaches with your set-up in the future.

Why Choose Serenity Ponds As Your Pond Service Team..

      • Over 13 Years of experience in Pond Construction, Consulting and Pond Service across Central  and Southern Ontario!
      • #1 in Customer Service, extremely loyal and honest as we care about your pond as much as our very own, never pushing product that you do not need.
      • Have rebuilt many, many ponds that were incorrectly installed initially, mistakes that arise from cutting corners in certain areas that are overlooked by novice.
      • Aquaculture Technician Diploma
      • Have saved multiple clients fish by acting quickly and efficiently in emergency situations, often times water quality or parasite related problems.
      • Over 20 years of Fish Keeping Experience (Aquariums & Outdoor Ponds)
      • Very knowledgeable in Fish Health, Biology, Chemistry and  Fish Behavioural Traits
      • A vast knowledge of the harmonic balance to a well maintained Aquatic Ecosystem

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Serenity Ponds provides professional Pond Service covering Barrie, Toronto and surrounding areas performing Spring Openings, Pond Cleaning, Fall Closings, Winter Coverings, Leak Repair, Consultation and Pond Maintenance.

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Pond Service Spring:  10 Steps

      1. Water change (Minimum 30%)
      2. Salt Application and De-Chlorination Treatment
      3. Water Quality Testing – Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, Ph, GH (general hardness) KH (carbonate hardness) & Salinity
      4. Netting of debris that has accumulated over time
      5. Pressure Washing (in instances where fish are not present)
      6. Check fish health (microscope scrape analysis if any suspicion)
      7. Installation and Check of Equipment ( UV sterilizer, Pumps, Filter,Lighting, etc.)
      8. Filter Cleaning
      9. Plant Trimming / Fertilising
      10. Repairs to Liner, Stone work, Waterfalls tidy up

*Often times we like to set up a tank by the pond to hold the upper cleaner water in the pond, then move the fish over to get a better cleaning accomplished. Pump the water back into the pond and gently move fish back in with sock nets.

pond service

The Spring is a very important time for pond cleaning and booking a pond service. If you have had fish in the pond during the winter, you need to take care of things as soon as the pond is thawed. During the winter months your pond has had no filtration running  for quite a while and has built up a lot of bacteria. Leaves, pine needles and plant decomposition create very toxic gases if left unchecked, plus fish excreting waste through the vent and gills can lead to very harmful circumstances to your Goldfish or Koi. Upon spring start up your filter is not properly seeded with the necessary beneficial bacteria needed to break down the waste produced during the winter. We recommend using Microbe Lift PL Beneficial Bacteria Booster to kick start the filter in spring, this will greatly increase the survival rate of your fish. The fish will not need to feed until the water temperature reaches about 50 Fahrenheit or 10 Celsius, at this time a Wheat Germ based food is strongly recommended (Exact reverse of Fall, feeding wheat germ leading to winter months) The colder water temperatures have slowed their metabolism to a crawl, so they can not digest fast enough and if given too much at a time they have the potential to develop internal bacterial infections. We also like to add salt during the spring pond cleaning to help aid the slime coat (Primary Source Of Defence) of the fish plus fight off any lingering “bad” bacteria free floating in the water column and along the sides of the pond.


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