Pond Construction

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Current Pond Build


We build ponds right the first time, filling all of your pond needs, whether it be a Rubber Lined Pond, Pre Formed Pond or Pondless Waterfall\Fountain you are planning on. We have completed many of rebuilds where a client trusted someone with very little pond knowledge to build their pond and ended up causing them to rebuild 3-5 years later on many occasions. We construct ponds so you can enjoy your outdoor oasis without the issue of consistently cleaning filters. unclogging pumps, expensive water changes, labour intensive spring clean outs or having to rebuild. Wouldn’t it just be nice to enjoy that gentle sound of the water tumbling over the waterfall or dancing from your water fountain. Set your mind at ease and give us a try, you will be very happy you did.

Concrete Collar

A concrete collar is strongly recommended when you are in the design phase of your pond build. The collar acts as a support for the stone work that is around the perimeter of your pond, this stops cave ins caused by soil erosion over time as well as saves you money in the future from rebuilding.

Pond Construction Planning

Planning the design of your water garden pond is very crucial when thinking about installing a pond, research is the biggest key. How deep should it be? Where should it be located? What budget is set aside? What Type of filtration or pump volume would I need?

1) Depth is very important when you are planning on having Goldfish or Koi, we suggest a minimum of 3′ or (36″) Our Canadian winters are very harsh at times and without proper depth or Winter Pond Care you could lose everything.  Many unfortunately do not do their research and ends up ultimately costing more money in the long run.

2) Location is also a very important decision when planning your pond build, first of all, how much sunlight will the pond be seeing throughout the day. The amount of time the sun has over the pond can dictate things like Algae growth, warmer water and ultimately clarity (if no UV Sterilizer is present) However the pond does need some sun for plants and for your Fish Health You also must consider the trees that are on your or your neighbours property, as some trees like Maple’s, Birch, Poplar and Oak’s have very broad leaves and if not netted out in the fall it could cause a serious toxic environment for your fish over the winter and into the spring thaw. Pine tree needles are very acidic so you will also want to stay away from them as much as possible. Cherry and Apple trees near by have spring blooms and can cause you quite the headache as well.

*Please keep in mind before any dig, you must know if there are any power or gas lines located in the area, also a GFI (Ground Fault Interrupter) outlet should be installed when running your pond equipment.

3)Having a certain budget set aside for your pond build is a large factor, it will determine what style of pond best suits the budget. There are three (3) key things that you should consider 1) Proper Filtration, not only for clarity and ease of cleaning but for fish health as well. 2) UV Sterilizer to combat algae issues and to kill bacteria in the water column. 3) Pump Volume should be based on the size of pond you will have (in gallons) We suggest having a minimum of one (1) turn over rate per hour, which means if your pond is 1000gal your minimum volume should be 1000gph (Gallons Per Hour) To calculate pond water volume we use ( Avg Length x Avg Width X Avg Depth x 7.48 = Pond Volume in Gallons

Japanese koi pond

Stone in Pond / Anti Kink Tubing

pond serviceIf you are planning on having a pond there are a couple of things you must consider. A lot of companies push having rocks in your pond, of course it looks nice for the first year or two, then it starts to go downhill. Rocks in a pond trap Pathogenic Bacteria which is harmful to your fish over time, the sediment and waste gets hidden and trapped between the stone in your pond, also it makes it very hard to maintain and keep clean. When you are doing your own pond service it becomes very labour intensive, ultimately ruining the hobby for you.

pond service

The other thing our clients do initially that could prove costly is installing anti kink tubing as their plumbing. Although flexible at first, over time this tubing becomes very fragile from our harsh winters and UV damage, which could cause a whole pump out situation. We like to set pumps up about 12″ from the bottom in case of any pump out situation as a preventative measure to keep your fish alive until the emergency has to be dealt with, having an air bubbler installed is strongly recommended as well.

Pond Service