Pond Leak Repair

Has your pond sprung a leak? Not to fear! we do Pond Leak Repair!

If you have noticed that your pond has been losing water recently, there are a couple of ways that the issues can resolved.

Troubleshooting Leak

First thing you will want to do is unplug pump (Run air bubbler if fish in pond) Fill pond to normal height and monitor for 24-48 hours. Mark where the level has dropped to and search around perimeter for possible hole, it will be about an inch above water line or an inch below. If the water level does not drop in this time frame, this means the leak is either in the plumbing or the waterfall/stream.

A Couple Of Reasons For Pond Leak

  • Hole somewhere in rubber liner membrane
  • Holes caused from Racoons falling in clawing their way out
  • Chipmunks chewing holes burrowing under liner
  • UV Damage that has made membrane brittle and easy to crack
  • Sharp Rocks or Objects falling in
  • Stream or Waterfall liner has sunk from eroding soil
  • Plumbing issues either above or below ground
  • Anti Kink tubing installed as main tubing (Notorious For Cracking) Stay Away!



We provide Liner Membrane Patching with an extremely effective glue to adhere the patch to the current liner and the knowledge of the necessary steps to complete the job properly the first time!


Patching Your Liner / Tools

  • Liner Cleaner Solution
  • Liner Glue
  • Liner Tape
  • Wire Brush
  • Roller
  • Brush
  1. Completely clean surface around hole you are to patch with EPDM Cleaner Solution
  2. Rough up the liner around hole with a wire brush
  3. Have your Liner Tape pre cut so it overlaps the hole by about 2-3″
  4. Apply Liner Glue around where you just roughed up
  5. Place Patch over hole and flatten out all air bubbles with a Roller
  6. Wait 30 minutes until completely dry Р All Patched Up!

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