Predator Control

Has your lovely pond been devastated by a Predator… Would you like to protect your precious fish before something terrible happens.. We can set your mind at ease!

Here is a list of the most common predators for pond owners and some ways to deter them from breaking your heart.


  1. Blue Heron
  2. Mink
  3. Racoon

It does not matter how deep your pond is to some predators as Mink can swim and if too shallow Racoons and Heron can wade in shallow areas and go to work..By setting up an electric fence it will keep all predators away from your prized possessions. It is almost 100% effective by sending a jolt through the predators fur that (does not kill) the animal but deters it from coming back whilest the fence is set up. It would take about 1.5hrs to install completely and put your mind at ease.

Below are 2 photos, 2 ways to deter predators

1st Photo – Electric Fencing Around Perimeter

2nd Photo – Chicken Wiring For Over Wintering Protection



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