Winter Pond Care

We can set your pond up for the winter months to help your fish make it through our harsh Canadian winters!

There are many different styles of ponds that we come across, there is always a way to install a winter cover for your pond, whether it be from wood, conduit or metal we have you “covered”

By having a greenhouse cover over your pond it helps your fish make it through the coldest temperatures, it also will expand your feeding time by about a month. You may also get your pond started up that much earlier in the spring as well to extend your pond season!

*Please note that it is STRONGLY recommended to have a Pond De-Icer and Air Pump working in the winter, even with a Greenhouse or covering of the pond for extra security for your fish. We also carry a line of Deicers and Air Pumps.k-h-perfect-climate-submersible-pond-de-icerthermo

* Always remember to drain all filters or waterfall basins prior to winter or this can happen to you, either waiting for it to thaw so you can run the system or worse yet, crack the plastic!IMG_1106

Greenhouse Covering

Below are a couple of examples from our clients ponds.

imageimageimageWinter 2008 009

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